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Originally Posted by Shareefruck View Post
I think I've seen like four or five episodes and it's one of the more annoying things I've bothered to try recently. Feels like How I Met Your Mother combined with Friends trying disperately to have the edge, pace, and look of the more new-wave comedies and missing the mark completely. I don't see the appeal at all.

S3 of Community had some awful awful episodes (and I guess it's possible that I only landed on the bad ones with Happy Endings, but I really didn't get that vibe), but it seemed to be hitting a much much higher peak, IMO-- for my money, that's the important thing.
I found some episodes to be better than others, if you have a lot of time to kill give the series a shot from epi1, you'd burn through them rather quick anyway.

Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
shows production shut down by chase again

reportedly used the N word on set and shocked the cast and crew

to put it in context the new show runner is making his character more racist in the Archie Bunker way and it was reported after getting a last minute rewrite he said "What the ****, next thing they will have me calling the blacks *******(own editing as I wont type the word) and that led to the shutdown

Temporary interruption is journalism gossip code for "people looked at him funny and then furiously tweeted stuff". They didn't 'shut down production' ffs. Read the article next time.

Originally Posted by LSnow View Post
They shutdown production for that ? Really ? America really is weird place...
Nope, but the set of Community is rife with losers in every angle. Chevy's original complaints turned out to be right and I think when the dust has settled he'll be vindicated. The show could be really funny if it got its head out of its ass.

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