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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
Numbers based off of Fehr's own proposal..

5% growth.

over 6 yrs, total projected rev = 19.2 billion.
Owners' pure 50-50 = 9.6 billion
Players' proposal #3 = 10.2 billion player's share. (53.1%)

So according to Fehr's 5% growth rate, the 2 sides are looking at around $600 mil difference over the 6 yrs.

at higher growth rates - owner's cut is slightly higher than above.. lower growth rates - owners' cut is slightly lower.

So different ways you can state the HRR split:
- they are just a vlaue of 13% of present salaries apart.
- They are just ~$600 mil apart
- They are just ~$100 mil/yr apart
- they are just ~3.1% apart

Anyway you you slice it... it really isn't significant enough in my mind to lose games over compared to where the owners are coming from last yr, in terms of the split.
Nor is it worth the risk for the players (or either side) to reset the battle lines and have the process regress if games were to get cancelled..
Nicely done.

It just confirms in my mind that if they lose game when they are this close in numbers then the hell with them both.

A partial season would be a disgrace.

A lost season would indicate a change in leadership is needed from both sides.

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