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Originally Posted by theOutsider View Post
What is Galchenyuk missing to start this season (if there is one) with Montreal?
What aspect(s) of his game does he still have to polish to make the big jump? or do you think he would be ready?
What starting role would give him with the big club? (line, opp, pp, pk, etc)
Galchenyuk is missing polish, if he didn't miss last year than it may be a different story, but he's certainly most not NHL ready. Which is expected from a 3rd overall pick anyway.

He has to improve his shot accuracy, it was a huge part of his success as a player in his rookie season. He created chances just by shooting because he almost always seemed to generate a rebound. He could have had about 3 or 4 more goals if his accuracy was like what it normally is. Galchenyuk also has to improve his acceleration. He's actually a very fast skater, and knows how to use it, but he takes a few extra steps to get up to that speed. Finally, he needs to work on his stickhandling. Now, before anyone says he's unreal, I'm not saying he isn't, but he needs to know when to use it better. He has a tendency (that goes back to rookie season) to stickhandle himself him into the corner, as well as some times he tries to put on that one extra move when he's already beaten the defender (which wasn't a previous problem). The good from that though is that his creates some great scoring chances by stickhandling himself into the corner and make a tape to tape pass through like 2 players. Still, very rarely does that fly in the NHL.

If I had to guess when he's going to be ready, it will be next year. I would give him third line minutes as centre and give him time as winger in the top 6, and give him second PP duties. If he produces I would give him top 6 time as a centre. I'd also like to see him get some PK time, but not on the first waves. Were a good PKing team and putting a rookie in that situation would not be ideal.

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