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Originally Posted by Splitbtw View Post
I think the point (no pun intended originally, but now pun intended) is to not worry about the assists and putting energy into making sure each one is tallied. It also seems like (also based on previous posts I have read) that you are really intent on proving yourself to your new team and making sure every point is counted helps you feel like you contributed. Contributions to teams and wins come in many ways other than point totals.
Just to end this once and for all.

I got an email back from the director that simply says.


He also says in a later email that they post the stats for a reason.

you guys should all call the rink i play at and let em have it

I tried to end this earlier. and the guy said he hates people like me so it seemed unneccesary.

Mostly I want to tally my points, maybe ill do it myself, but i like seeing it official. im deploying and wont be playing hockey for a while, and depending on when i get back may miss the next fall session. so yes, id like to see my points. i didnt speak to the score keeper, i said ZERO words about it during the game, and the one email i sent the captain was partially sarcastic anyway. sigh, whatever

the energy i spent on it, was literally a 10 second email from my phone and i went back to what i was doing. sheesh. ive spent much more unneeded energy posting about it on here haha.

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