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Originally Posted by Suddenly7 View Post
On my Friday team a teammate and I are the ringers of the team. We usually play in the higher league, but play on Friday just for our friends. It's actually really fun to play in the lower league because you have more room to be creative with the puck. We usually tone it down once we are up by 4 goals. Personally I take myself out of the game or just clear the puck on defense. I'm realizing a lot more now that many low level teams have a couple ringers on their teams. So really it evens out.
sounds like you're one of the good ones.

and you're also right that from a W-L perspective, it evens out.

But, for the lesser players it makes a huge impact having those players in that league with them. Both for and against. It results in much, much less puck time which is no good for fun or for skill development. Both because better opposition players force faster decisions, and because the puck will always gravitate towards the ringers on your team and away from you.

edit: wow, that was my 20,000th post. How unusual that it was in a forum that I rarely set foot in. Probably 19,500 of my posts are in HOH and ATD.

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