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10-22-2012, 06:17 PM
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Great designs. But we've come to expect that haha.

Originally Posted by Goat Boy View Post
Love the design! Great work, Jerkstore!

One piece of advice: proof-read! The "story behind the name" photo that you uploaded has two s's in "FIRSST". I'd strongly suggest getting someone with strong wordsmithing skills to go over that sort of thing. It gets the idea across, but it could flow a little better. I'm not trying to criticize; it's just a suggestion that I think could help you market your design better!
I also hate to be the one to be nitpick on this, especially after all the flak you've received about calling the Highlanders as Canada's official regiment, but the Camerons weren't the first unit ashore on D-Day. The Canadians at Juno were actually the last of the assaulting divisions to land after being delayed by unfavourable currents.

The majority of the Highlanders weren't even part of the assaulting wave; only the recce elements of the Camerons were attached to the assault waves. They were largely in reserve while the assaulting regiments (the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, Regina Rifles, Royal Canadian Regiment, and North Shores) cleared the beaches to allow vehicles to land.

It'd be more fair to say the Highlanders were among Canada's first units ashore on D-Day.

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