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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
I hate when the players say things like that. It's an extreme analogy, but I'm going for it. When you go into CVS, do you see the floor employees or Larry Merlo? When you go into an Apple Store, are you talking to a "genius" or Tim Cook? It's like that in every business. The big guns are behind the scenes running the show and making the top dollars they're due.

Every player is acting like their a victim when they got a bigger chunk of the pie than the owners last season by a pretty wide margin.

The players are the front-line of entertainment, as EMPLOYEES of the owners and the NHL.

If the players are so adamant about about making points like this, let them run their own ****ing league.

I know this is an extreme analogy, but it was the only way I could try and make my point.

i can understand that analogy and respect the comparison. He has more power than we all know though, he can't just be a puppet. For him to go into a meeting with 3 or 4 owners and receive 3 different proposals from the PA and immediately turn them down and say he will only work off of their last proposal shows he has the power. I really think he has more power than we think, he has to. And in my opinion i think this is the last starw the past 3 lockouts may not be solely his fault, but someone has got to take the fall, just like a coach or gm would if a team did not succeed.

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