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Originally Posted by That View Post
That's fair point. I tend to be fairly biased to the OHL too, because it's what I see most of. I've only seen Ristolainen play a few times (WJC, U-18), so I don't feel that I can justify my opinion. From the little I've seen he's a very good skater, moves the with ease, and plays very physical. His defensive game isn't the best, but he's clearly got of ton of potential. About Nurse being bigger than Ristolainen, I'm not sure about that. The OHL lists Nurse at 6'5" 192 lbs, but they tend to be very generous. Ristolainen is listed on the offical SM-Liiga website as 6'3" 207 lbs, so I'd say they are very close.

Bob McKenzie ranked Ristolainen at 5 and Nurse in the honourable mentions: Source
ISS ranked Ristolainen at 7 and Nurse at 16: Source
Future Considerations ranked Ristolainen at 6 and Nurse at 16: Source

There's many more publications than you can around these boards that have Ristolainen quite a bit higher than Nurse too. I'd say Craig Button opinion on their rankings is something very few hold.
Fair point. If everyone is so high on Ristolainen, I guess he must be very good. I can't really judge as I haven't seen him play enough.

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