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10-22-2012, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Zippy316 View Post
I'd do that deal, but I doubt the majority of the Habs fanbase will. At that price, I'd definitely take a chance at Kaberle. Hoeffel may be a nice energy third-liner at best, but we have a ton of guys that project like him. The way I see it is it's Eller for Volchenkov and Kaberle for Hoeffel and 20 spots higher in the draft.
Main purpose are these :

- Leblanc Geoffrion and Palushaj are going up as maybe Gallagher to have their chance on the big Club, also to mention that Galchenyuk on is way maybe next year. So Eller is a good trade chips to me ... we need another big guy if one of Blunden Stortini or Schultz can't take a place in the organisation so Hoeffel is a normal return for Kaberle ... I still don't know if we must put a 4th vs a 3rd or just receive a 3rd back cause we offer 2 nhl ready player vs Volchenkov.

- Volchenkov Gorges are pretty much to me two great shot blockers and with is hits rate this could benefit largely to Emelin and Subban styles. Having Emelin Bouillon and VolchenkoV along Subban Markov and Gorges can be a great squad .... Kaberle is a great puck mover but we lack of physical presence I guess Kaby is to soft for our team.

- Pulling the trigger on Eller having Gally and Bournival not too far and knowing that Gomez White Leblanc Nokelainen or even Prust can take place down the middle even if they don't have the skill talent of Eller don't afraid me too much for this year ...

* we can even try to deal both Diaz and Bourque if we can't make the playoff wich can make some other room for next year ... knowing that this one can be cancelled or shortened ....

* Bouillon and Weber in a final year so we have 2 rooms in D Next year !

* not to mention that having Emelin and Volchenkov can help Markov to stay minded on the game and don't stay in the ****ed KHL!

can you imagine :

next year :
Cole Desharnais Pacioretty
Galchenyuk (Bourque) Plakanec Gionta
Armstrong Leblanc Prust
Moen White Nokelainen (Gomez)

Markov Volchenkov (This is a well balanced combo to me)
Subban Gorges
Emelin Bouillon (Diaz)
St-Denis (one of the next in the farm)

Having in the farm : Tinordi Ellis Beaulieu Nash Pateryn almost ready to take a spot

I dream to see a Tinordi Emelin combo !!

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