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“We want to play, we’re the ones who are doing the show in the NHL, but Bettman thinks it makes him. It is unfortunate that the NHL have such a guy. It’s a shame for the entire hockey world. Treats us like animals.”
David Krejci on Gary Bettman

holy crap Krejci, overreact much?

Originally Posted by IdealisticSniper View Post
He signed the contract under the old CBA. He knew this. His agent knew this. The entire NHL community knew this. Once that CBA is no more, the contract is not binding until a new CBA is created, and then that contract is dependent on the new CBA laws.

Thats why.

Why do you think he wanted huge signing bonuses? Lockout protection and contract status protection.

And again, even if the contract wasnt dependent on the CBA laws, Im going to be pissed at the players that wont accept 8M a year instead of 9M a year to alleviate this lock out. Its a joke. I understand that the owners arent helping handing out these contracts, and rules need to be in the new CBA to combat that and frankly protect themselves from being able to do it just to compete with the huge markets. But the bottom line is... the lockout is over if like 15% of the players in the league will accept less than a million less over the course of their current contracts, and the ability of the league to pay some later rather than right away. But no.

Sorry I wont be crying over someone playing a game missing out on 2M of a 100M contract and complaining about just signing a contract he KNEW was going to be in doubt depending on the new CBA.
You make some valid points about the doubt going into a lockout, but a contract negotiation seems to be in bad faith when the owners turn around and try to knock some of that money off.

The players association also doesn't seem opposed to meeting the NHL at 50/50 in a few years, but they don't want to lose that 7% in one go, which I think is totally reasonable.

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