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10-22-2012, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
thanks for the support.

I get where they are coming from, i just didnt appreciate how they painted it to seem like i was like "Hey scorekeeper! you missed my assist...come onnnnnn!!!"

I emailed the director back specifically to make sure that me emailing him for a missed assist or goal wasnt annoying.

Hockey Director:

It’s not annoying at all. It’s what makes hockey fun especially at our facility. Not all rinks keep accurate stats, we do! And we appreciate being accurate. So help me spread the word!!

so, for me the argument is null and void. and im sure every rink is different, and should i play in another rink I will make sure I know what annoys people and what doesnt.
I think in the end it always just boils down to don't be a jerk about things, and it seems like you went about it the right way.

You want to know your points are being counted, thats fine, just be polite and don't whine about it.

You really want to win, thats fine just don't take it past the point of things being safe/being a jerk to your teammates.

You're a ringer and want to play with your friends, that's fine, just don't run up the score and rub it in the other teams face.

You want to be aggressive, that's fine, just realize we all have jobs that aren't hockey (try not to hurt anyone)

Just try not to be too big of a d bag and things will be fine

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