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10-22-2012, 07:29 PM
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Minor MCL sprain

I'm into the third week of a minor MCL injury and I'd like to get some feedback from other people who might have had a minor MCL sprain.

On a Wednesday night a couple weeks ago, I played volleyball and Friday morning I was lacing up for hockey and noticed a tiny bruise on the inside of my knee. That was the only indication that I had hurt my knee. I went thru my pickup not even thinking about my knee and had no pain/issues during the game. The soreness started the next day.

So again, there was no event of injury and no defining moment for the injury. But on that Saturday, the bruise grew a bit, maybe to the size of a quarter and soreness started to set in.

I'd been seeing a PT about something else so on Tuesday he was able to look at the knee and really didn't see it as a big deal. His evaluation couldn't even elicit any pain until he had me do side shuffling.

From what I've read online, a lot of these minor sprains have ~2 week recovery. And after about the first week, my mobility and stability seemed to be restored. But 17 days in, I'm still feeling a decent about of soreness, most recently from sitting in a car for an extended period of time. My range of moment is fine and was never constrained but quad stretches seem to generate soreness the next day.

I'm back to doing exercise and have been able to do extended sessions (25 mins) on the stationary bike or elliptical without issue, but I do feel some soreness afterwards.

Is this soreness typical? It sort of feels like growing pains. Is it a cause to avoid exercise or something to push thru? Any recommendations on returning to sports? I've bought a hinged knee brace but as much as I hate missing sports that I've paid money for, I really want to be cautious about making a minor injury into a significant one. I'm hoping for a full winter of snowboarding if the winter gods cooperate.

Any info is appreciated.

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