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10-22-2012, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by IHWR View Post
I hate trying to defend my point on these boards because it's way too easy to dismiss. Yeah get it...the Pens scouts liked Pouliot and since they took him 8th overall he was probably pretty high on their final list. And for the record, he's not a bad prospect at all...there's just no way he was the 8th best player in the 2012 draft. And that's not mock drafts speaking, that's feedback I've gotten from a variety of different people...from bloggers to "insiders" to a few scouts I've talked with. Even my own personal viewings of Pouliot last season while I was checking out Morrow.

And I'm tired of people bringing up Harrington to defend the Pouliot pick. Harrington was a 2nd rounder and was further along in his development when he was picked. Ray-Ray even admitted at the draft this year that Pouliot was a "project".

So yeah...people are free to drink the koolaid and defend the pick all they want. They can also call guys like Despres "untouchable". I think it's crazy that a team like the Pens who haven't developed a draft pick other than Dustin Jeffrey since 2006 that's played more than 40 NHL games and yet people still blindly trust all their picks.

People need to start to grasp that we aren't a good drafting team (besides hoarding defensive prospects) and accept the fact that we'll need to rely on trades and free agency to fill needs.

I long have we had at least 1 giant hole in the top 6 that perennially gets filled with Pascal Dupuis or Tyler Kennedy or a one year stop gap like Sullivan or Guerin or Sykora? Jordan Staal is the last forward we drafted and developed that's spent time in the top 6 and he made his NHL debut over 6 years ago. The only reason that hasn't crippled the franchise is we were fortunate to land Crosby and Malkin along with dealing for guys like Neal and Kunitz. We've had success dealing defensemen for forwards...but since none of our prospects are worth what Whitney or Gogo were, the returns aren't going to be the home runs everyone expects.

The last thing we needed was a project defenseman with what should be a rare top 10 pick. But that's what we got. I'm a huge BPA guy, but enough's enough. All the BPA strategy we're currently using does is increase the likelihood that we'll develop some NHL blueliners but for every highend defenseman prospect we add we are negatively impacting the ones we already have. There's only so much room for developing and on the NHL depth chart.

We'd be dumb to not deal at least one of them now and try and get some stuff we actually need, like a top 6 forward prospect that doesn't have some major deficiencies would be nice...
Completely agree with everything you're saying and I was actually fuming draft day. Pouliot's a Penguin now so I care more about him developing correctly rather than the pick. The defense heavy draft scheme is worth bringing up though.

That being said I do like DePo a lot. IMO his skill is through the roof and I think his high end could be Zubov-like. Another thing is that defense is such a taught position that I have to guess that the Pens feel like there's less downside when drafting D as opposed to hoping that a F's scoring will carry through.

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