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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
how fun is it? My guess is it's very fun for them!

That is probably my biggest pet peeve.

You should be able to "vote out" players who are too good, based on multiple team complaints and the discretion of the league. If I was in charge that would be the first thing I'd do, and make sure that the lesser players in the lesser divisions only have to play against players of comparable talent and not B/C level players.

the worst is on my own team, we have a guy who could play B but I assume he's here so he can be the star of the team. But he spends the whole time on the bench telling the other people on the bench how much the people currently on the ice suck. If you want better teammates, go play where you belong!
This is my biggest pet peeve as well. Every year we encounter the same thing. Everyone starts off on an equal footing, maybe one or two teams start with players who have no business playing at that level. 4-5 games in, most teams start bringing in higher level players. By the holidays you have college kids returning from school playing on c-league/d-league teams.

The kicker here is that our league rules clearly state that you are not allowed to play two levels below the highest level played. Example, if you play B-league, you are allowed to play C-league, but not D-league. This league coordinators of the past would just ignore it when brought to their attention. This year we have a new league coordinator so we will see how things go.

To wrap things up, my team is now moving down a level because of the amount of A-League players playing in C-league. Our team is mostly mixed with B, C, and D league players, but we do not belong in the lower league. I guess I am also frustrated over since I don't like playing down a level. I feel like I get no exercise when I do and it isn't any fun holding back. We've gone through two seasons winning about 20% of our games, so hopefully we just spend one season here.

I took a look at the stats from last season at the level we dropped down to and saw that 5 players had 30 goals or more in 20 games with 50 or more points. So I guess it is safe to say our team will be challenged. The top 9 scorers from our previous league last season all play A-league at another rink.

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