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10-22-2012, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
I understand your view of Bettman's success, but has there ever been a person that benefited from reinterpretations of history.

knock Bettman and you hear of his repeated wins with CBAs, how he fixed all these issues. Then every lockout you hear how he is saving the sport from the players and out of control salaries. He is immune from blame for problems. He fixes everything hence there are no problems. Which is it? 7 years of self congratulation and 1 year of despair.

It's beating a dead horse but if you ignore it, he'll reign forever. Hey, believe what you want but to me he's a worm. He obliterated the players last time through promises of affordable hockey. Tickets are as bad as salaries. The hockey package is about 50% higher. He tried, I'm sorry - succeeded in fudging ledger books. Now fans buy the "27 teams losing money" bit. Players took in 75% of revenues in 2004, 57% in 2012 and only 3 teams make money? Over 8 years of losses for 90% of the league and it miraculously forges on. No, I take it back. Bettman is the greatest commissioner in professional sports. If he can stack BS that high and still get fans to buy it, to side with billionaires (yes over millionaires) who are wildly successful businessmen who understand accounting and generating losses for tax purposes, yeah he is on his own level.

Just be ready for the same song and dance in 6 years because this new CBA won't address the issues.
I'm not saying I believe in what he's done or like his tactics. I'm saying the owners likely do so I would not expect him to get canned any time soon.

My opinion is that the expansion Bettman led did far more harm than good and that the league would be better served cutting bait. The league-wide profitability issues we're seeing (and with that continually putting cost-control burdens on players) is proof of that.

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