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10-22-2012, 09:31 PM
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People should also consider currency appreciation. Since 04/05 the Canadian dollar has increased ~25%. According to, 33% of ticket revenue came from Canada's 6 teams (Winnipeg should be ignored here). That means ~8% of the NHL's 44% growth since the last lockout can be attributed to the raise of the Canadian dollar against the US. If you exclude currency appreciation, NHL revenue growth is closer to 5% than 6.35%.

I think 5% continued growth may prove difficult of the league, and if the Canadian dollar depreciates there is significant risk that the owners take on that players don't. I agree there should be provisions to ease the players share towards 50/50 over a span of time (say, three years), but it is ridiculous to peg it to something as uncertain as growth.

Please note that is very rough math and a lot of assumptions are used (like percentage of Canadian ticket revenue would relate well to total revenue).

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