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Originally Posted by DyerMaker66 View Post
I watched that too: I love how "Canada's defence caused the GTG".
Are you referring to Parise's game tying goal in the Gold Medal Game of the 2010 Olympics? The goal where he was all alone in front of the net ready for a rebound where 2-3 Canadian d-men stepped up to attack the shooter. Which only caused more havoc as it deflected off one of the defenders giving Parise more of a chance to score on a goalie who was completely slapped in the face with the deflection and shocked as hes alone with not one (parise) but two United States players in front of the net.

That second of the mishap by Canada's defense is not where it begins either.
This is the video and you can follow my commentary on Canada's defense.

1) 6 on 5... Already not a good thing for a goalie.
Nash contests the point, for 6 on 5, its not ideal to be so far up but Canada loves pressure. Then the puck goes to Suter on the side boards. Where Canadas center Toews comes over to contest him but why is Toews starting from the opposite point.

Its fine that Nash and Toews are watching each point by why is then Getzlaf in the middle of no where in the center area. Leaving Pavelski wide open. A great pass by Suter, a lucky bounce or rebound or deflection leaves him in a nice position. (at the .02 position)

Suter smartly decides to wrap it around the boards where Pavelski is still open and able to obtain the puck. Getzlaf now tries to apply pressure to Pavelski, which is pretty lazy in his approach but understandable for the lack of position he started off in. D-men do a good job in forcing USA behind and away from the net though.

But Pavelski slips the puck into the center where it reaches out to an open area and an unguarded Patrick Kane. WHO STARTED THIS PLAY ON THE POINT! .06 is right when Kane gets the puck and turns to shoot. Notice the HUGE change in position by all players. Toews who started out covering left point is now on the right, Nash looks to have lost Kane in his sprint to the net and is trying to catch up to him but he now switches sides. Getzlaf who was in that exact area where Kane is now is no where to be found after chasing Pavelski, leaving it 5-4 ratio of players. The left d-man who is high in the slot is the first to react to Kane shot steps up. And the other d-man who was covering the slot stepped up at the same time.
I think those D were Weber and Nieds.

Kane shot the puck. Jamie L and Zach Parise are now the ONLY men in the slot both in perfect position of a rebound or bounce. Oh yea and Parise is blocking Luongos complete vision.

Two players wide open

You can blame any fwd or any dmen but idk how much you blame Luongo... seriously.
I am not saying ANY of the following Canadians on that shift stink defensively but its the team as a whole who is to blame for the defensive mishap and lack of position.

Game tying because of good offense by USA and poor defense by Canada. Not luongo

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