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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Your argument and logic are good. Let me suggest however that with your model you are asking for a league that renews itself every eight years by eliminating older and experienced players, and their deserved big contracts, in order for the owners to save money.

If we think about it, with your model, and exaggerating of course, in the last 60 years would never have had:

Johnnie Bower in his thirties, and forties.
Jaques Plante in his thirties.
Larry Robinson in his thirties.
Bob Gainey in his thirties.
Gordie Howe in his thirties, forties or 50's.
Mark Messier in his thirties.
Nick Lidstrom in his thirties.
Mark Recchi in his thirties, and forties.
Guy Carbonneau in his thirties.
Doug Harvey in his thirties.
Jean Beliveau in his thirties.
Yvan Cournoyer in his thirties.
Jaques Lemaire in his thirties.
Chris Chelios in his thirties.
Mike Modano in his thirties.
Joe Sakic in his thirties.
Brett Hull in his thirties.
Ray Bourque in his thirties.
Brad Park in his thirties.
Gump Worsely in his thirties.
Jean Ratelle in his thirties.
Johnny Bucyk in his thirties.
Wayne Gretzky in his thirties.
Edit: ****, forgot my favorite: Stevie Y.

Many of these payers were not compensated properly for the wonderful hockey they played. That is in the past as it should be.

Of course, these are all stars, and you could argue that lesser players over thirty could be replaced by cheaper younger players. But how do you know that players such as those above would not also be replaced, in a model of cheap and young NHL players? I'm not gonna bet my house on it.

Further, I think the NHL is a superb league in large part because the 'older' players have so much to teach the younger ones. The quality of play that I pay to watch is superb by all players, because of this teaching. I gladly pay for this experience also, becuse I get the best hockey I can ever see due to it.

What will we miss in the future of Hockey if we allow owners to eliminate older players because their experience and age call for the high compensation they deserve?

We'll miss the very best of Hockey.

NHL hockey players are expensive. It is a fact, and there is no use denying it. If you want to see hockey played at the highest and most intelligent levels, and you cannot, look to the owners in this lockout, not the players.
I think you missed my point.

All I was saying is that players are replaceable. There is a saying which says: cemetaries are filled with irreplaceable people.

The concept of the idea was to find a way to passe the 50/50 deal, nothing more, nothing less. The NHL at 50/50 is still the best league in the world. And, there still is a place for the players on that list.

The context in which I talked about this point was that someone said the players were NOT replaceable; which is simply not true.

So in response to your post, no we would not be missing out on anything. And the players, they might not even miss out on much money either, specially if the CBA can get signed ASAP in order to keep the growth pace.


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