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10-22-2012, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
I don't unless the owners manual tells me to.

Higher Octane fuel is suitable to high compression engines that may be otherwise susceptable to pre-detonation(engine ping) problems if used with lower octane fuels.
Cars with those engines will have specifications that require the owner to use higher octane ratings.

For all other engines ( 99 percent of engines in fact ) using high octane fuel is simply throwing your money away. In fact most common top "common money wasting" lists will cite using high octane fuel as simply an exercise of burning your money.

Higher octane fuels do not have higher energy (BTU) levels and so have no performance enhancing properties save the above mentioned high compression engines. I believe some manufacturers require it's use simply to make the owner feel like he's got an "exclusive" automobile (my friend has a 200hp Acura TSX lol@ premium gas requirement).

The only exception to this rule is when your engine is older with timing problems and develops engine "ping". In this situation the engine cylinders are detonating slightly prior to the piston reaching top-dead-centre which causes an engine "ping" noise. The properties of higher octane gas stabilize the combustion and will sometimes eliminate the ping.

Bottom line, for your corolla, it's a waste of cash.
everything you say is true, with knock sensors and most engines and ecu ability to adjust timing on the fly you could easily run reg octane in most engines that call for premium octane, performance and fuel consumption would both be affected slightly.

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