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10-23-2012, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
His playoff stats have dropped because the hawks have played less games each year..

09 : 14 pts in 16 games
10 : 28 pts in 22 games
11 : 6 pts in 7 games
12 : 4 pts in 6 games

AS for the regular season stats, this past season is the only one that was really a drop off. The 2010-11 season he was still at a ppg with 73 pts in 73 games.
73 points in 73 games is less than 88 points in 82 games. His goal production has leveled off to nearly nothing in the playoffs; he didn't tally a single one last year. Hell, his regular season goal scoring dropped too.

Again, when Carter did that (had his production decline from his peak, while partying) he was the Ultimate Evil; the double standard strikes once again. I just don't get how anybody can objectively look at Pat Kane, then consider how Carter was treated here, and think he'd be accepted. Throw in the 88 and it gets worse for a lot of people because some fans still hold a grudge against Lindros.

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