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10-23-2012, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
Well if the owners are going to pay the contracts they offered, then the player's are guaranteed more than 50% this year. A soft landing makes sense anyways.

Otherwise all the owner's/GMs that offered contracts this summer was lying. It's like your boss offering you a raise the day before he retires, and then the new boss tells you that it's not happening. It's a kick in the nuts.
The owners aren't looking for a rollback ( as far as I can tell) so they aren't denying anyone their money the players are guaranteed what they signed, the owners want to lower the cap. The owners also offered this year as a grace period where the cap would be allowed to stay 70 million so teams could trade players / buy them out accordingly but either way the players still get paid (if a player is bout out it will most likely be the Gomez's so they still make a ton of money). The owners offered all of this because they want to honor they contracts they signed with the players whether that is just PR or they do care about their employees is another matter, but as far as I can tell the owners have literally offered the players a 50-50 split with this year as a grace period and no roll back and they players said that wasn't fair. In what world do the players think that is unfair? The only unfair part about the deal was the 5 year term cap which I am sure the owners are willing to drop if they get their 50-50.

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