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minion's official GM game sign up and early info

The game will consist of:

As many GM that sign up here,a minimum of 15.
A 2 round dispersal draft of players from unchosen teams. It will be a snake draft.
After the draft, 24 hour "amnesty" period where any team can be release players with no penalty.

Players released, and remaining players from unchosen teams will be UFA's.

The cap for this game will be 23 NHL players totaling 75 million or less. So spend your money wisely during FA.

At the moment I have no set date for the draft. Please leave a preferential date and time for the draft when you reply.

I will attempt to put together an all encompassing FA list during the amnesty period. Its only a 2 rnd draft, be there or send a list. There will be no BPA lists accepted.If you do not send a list or be present at the draft, your pick will be skipped entirely.

This is not meant to be an a complete rules page, that will come when we have teams chosen, so we'll known left over teams, and beginning the draft and eventually final teams.

Teams must have 23 players and be cap compliant at the yet to be determined trade date.

League chatzy:

Any questions, just ask 'em

Next step is choosing teams. The following teams have been chosen:


The Produce Man


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