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10-23-2012, 12:20 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyH3aven View Post
Retractable roof? Check
Looks good? Check
On the waterfront near downtown? Check
Bills here for the foreseeable future? Check

Build the damn thing! Blow up all that dilapidated industrial garbage, plant a ******** of trees, make some parking lots and we're good to go.
This is good in theory but isnt time a factor? Ralph could croak any day now. If this isn't a passed deal by then it could be a messy situation. Who knows what his plans are, if someone is lined up, etc.

Is Cuomo for the Bills staying? Not sure who it was but some state politician was standing outside the stadium a month or so ago with a presser pleading the team has to stay, kind of funny a politician would care.

The only thing nice about the current setup is for us out of towners who don't have to go downtown, that ride home just got considerably longer...

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