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10-23-2012, 01:00 AM
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Originally Posted by mbarker View Post
People should also consider currency appreciation. Since 04/05 the Canadian dollar has increased ~25%. According to, 33% of ticket revenue came from Canada's 6 teams (Winnipeg should be ignored here). That means ~8% of the NHL's 44% growth since the last lockout can be attributed to the raise of the Canadian dollar against the US. If you exclude currency appreciation, NHL revenue growth is closer to 5% than 6.35%.

I think 5% continued growth may prove difficult of the league, and if the Canadian dollar depreciates there is significant risk that the owners take on that players don't. I agree there should be provisions to ease the players share towards 50/50 over a span of time (say, three years), but it is ridiculous to peg it to something as uncertain as growth.

Please note that is very rough math and a lot of assumptions are used (like percentage of Canadian ticket revenue would relate well to total revenue).
Sorry the revelant point is that continued growth in the NHL in Canada will come from ****ing the season's ticket holders over and keep increasing ticket prices. Thx Aqua weinie, you have ****ed me a ton already. I really wish a serious NHLFA group would come along. (I was a rep for the group 8-9 years ago - they did nothing.)

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