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Originally Posted by 23 17 23 View Post
Beer leagues are notoriously bad for awarding and crediting assists to the right people.
Only time I ever had a problem with it was the start of my first winter league. Our beginners team jumped into the beginners division in the final 8 games of the regular season and I finished a PPG, then over my first full summer season I found myself up there with the ringers in the top 10 for division scoring with a 1.5 PPG pace so I was quite proud of myself. At this point I figured that maybe you lose an assist here, but chances are you get a freebie assist the next game.

Then the new winter season begin and I started in a slump with my points dropping, and to make matters worse the refs were missing most of my assists. I only got in 10 games before moving to another city, but where my count was something like 10-1-6-7 the official site only listed me with 10-1-2-3. I never wanted to be the guy chasing down the ref to make sure they had the assist but it was getting kind of frustrating.

Of course once I found myself on a team in my new city it turned out to be pretty good and I found myself in divisions way above my skill level, so my days of being a scorer were long over . After 3 years of this however I may be finally getting to the point where I can be a semi regular contributor on the scoresheet again in a poor man's Ryan Smyth - type fashion.

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