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12-07-2003, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury
Not saying I have any hard news information here, but I really woundn't be surprised if the Isles engaged in a Pens-style dismantle of the franchise. Wang's bid for the NETS apparently failed, which may have longterm implications for his attempt to secure a new arena for the Isles. And, without the Arena, and a new management contract, Isles simply can not remain viable.

I hope that this doens't happen, but I would not be shocked if the Isles cleaned house completely, getting whatever they could for their players (mostly picks, prospects, and Rico Fata-type of youngsters).

An alternative is that Wang takes control, freezes the roster, and then unloads the EVIL ONE (ding dong the witch is dead!). But, personally, I think the former is more likely than the latter.

Anyway, not to be the voice of doom and gloom, but I think the end may be at hand one way or the other.
Your reading too much into this. I believe Isles just want to remove some of the bad contracts/characters for the new cba.

They have some kids who are showing they can play and who salaries are cheaper.

The Isles also now are trying to play a defensive trap in which the "parts are interchangeable". Meaning they can plug holes with guys from Bridgeport who play the same system.

The defensive trap is a team concept with less focus on individual play and skills.You look at the Devils who have been doing it for what 10yrs? The Devils have a great puck handling goalie and a hard nosed crease clearing defenseman in Scott Stevens. These 2 guys are their mainstays. They then always have a guy or 2 who can finish. But the Devils play into a team concept with "interchangeable parts". They have always let their goal scorers walk when they demanded too much money.

The Isles are trying to do the same thing but have been sidetracked at the moment with chemistry,locker room issues and a logjam at forward.

In my opinion, MM is just saying he wants to cut payroll so he can get a better return for his most expensive players who are also suppose to be his better players. In reality these players have character/contract issues and he wants to be rid of them. If MM wanted to do complete salary dumps like the Pens, Peca and Hamrlik would be gone already.

You can even hear Peca saying how he is more movable then Yashin because of his contract. The Isles are just gearing up for the post new cba environment.

I believe one guy that MM could not wait to be rid of was Wiemer. I think he was made an example of and was simply thrown off the team. It is quite apparent that he had value but MM was not interested and decided to renounce his rights by waiving him. Talk about cancer in the locker room. MM told Wiemer to sit and wait while he was either traded or waived, so I don't believe Wiemer was a salary dump. He had to be hastily moved!

Wang also stated that he is moving away from the possible purchase of the Nets and is moving forward with plans for a new arena. So I don't think there's a problem. I think that Wang and MM are trying to polish the integrity of their product so when the new arena is ready, they will not have a sorry characterless team like we see now.

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