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Originally Posted by georgiabluejacket View Post
As a poster on another site pointed out ( This was a TERRIBLE spin job by Reuters.

- Kostitsyn “hated” (Reuters’ word) – indeed, he didn’t say this. I feel it’s Reuters own conclusion.
- called Columbus “the gloomiest” – it was a joke answer on a joke question “Is there anything gloomier then Detroit in the United States?” (“Yeah, Columbus”). His current Omsk city is way gloomier then any NHL location. Previous question about the North American city he could live forever he answered “I would choose to live in New York. I don’t like crowds, but it’s a special city.” So no hate at all.
- “I couldn’t get used to (American) mentality. They are totally different people from us,” – almost true. The question was “What didn’t you STILL get used to”. I bet not many Americans could get used to European mentality in 6 years.
“Let’s put it this way – it would be better (for the players) if the lockout continues,” – again, close but not true. He meant players don’t want to question themselves “here or there?” and want to know precisely where they will play this season. Understandable.
I really don't care what he said and what the questions were. Having said that, it's still mindless answers that I learned in 5th grade not to give. If someone in the media is laughing about a gloomy city, you tell them why it isn't gloomy and you certainly don't pile on and add another city into the mix.

Luckily these guys aren't paid for their brains.

I have no issue making corrections in translation, not sure why you are bothering to do what appears to be providing cover for his answers.

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