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Originally Posted by Jerk Store View Post
I don't mean to upset anyone with this post, but why would chantability be a criteria in picking a name? This is the kind of thinking that bothers me sometimes, just in general "well we can't fill in the blank between go and go, so we're screwed as far as chants go". It's like there's a total lack of creativity.

I'm sorry, I can't remember who it is, but I remember it's a fellow board member who came up with the 11:11 Alfie chant. That's pretty cool. That's something that other players probably go "wtf are they counting down to"? That's original and Ottawa only.

Anyway, rant over. So as to fix this, the Cameron Highlanders and the City of Ottawa share the same "slogan" : Advance. So perhaps that might be a good place to look to come up with a chant. Btw, doesn't have to be flat out "Advance". Isn't there some RSU members here? Give those fellas a couple of cold ones and they'll come up with something great!
The whole count down was originally taken from Quebec fans rallying to get their team back. Whoever started the Alfie chant changed it to a unique Ottawa version, but that fan base deserves the credit for its "creation". I think it was Ottawa vs. New York Islanders(or Edmonton maybe) that the Nordique Nation showed up to do their count down sometime in the winter.

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