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Originally Posted by Nihiliste View Post
Can Tavares play wing? If either he or Stamkos can play wing then I believe he's a lock to make this team.

Getzlaf is my favorite player in the NHL and yet I don't think his game will suit the big ice surface. I also don't like the idea of taking guys like Eric Staal to play wing - for the most part I want to stick with guys with significant experience playing wing.

Another question - can Neal play the left side? I'm assuming he can below.

Here's my stab at a lineup:

Neal - Crosby - Perry
Tavares - Stamkos - Eberle
Benn - Giroux - Carter
Richards - Toews - Nash

Keith - Doughty
Letang - Weber
Staal - Pietrangelo

I wanted to keep a balance of 4 productive lines and tried to pick players whose styles would complement one another. As for the 3 D pairings, I figure our true strength is on the right side this time around so I tried to match the LD who complemented each player best.
First and foremost, unlike many of you guys... i realize that Canada has a pool full of talent to choose from and most of these decisions in roster choices are FINE! They can easily compete... So lets not go around saying this is wrong and that is wrong. And i hate when people bring up Player A > Player B or what have you not realizing the true meaning behind why a player is chosen. Its not always about whose better...

Anyway, on to Getzlaf. Like i said, its fine if you have him off. I dont consider him a lock but too say his style wont fit the big ice surface is probably a mistake to say. He is a top level NHL talent. His size on top of that NHL skill and poise and fitness might be better with more room to operate. Canada would probably not like to rid itself of all large players up front. If Jamie Benn and Rick Nash are the only two big guys... Im not afraid of Canada as much. We forget that Getzlaf was still very much dominant in the WJC 2004, 2005 and the WC in 2008 where he put up 14 points in 9 games. All international size rinks.

Just a point im trying to make that just cuz hes a powerforward, a large one, doesnt mean he may not be valuable come olympic time

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