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10-23-2012, 10:11 AM
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Another thing I've learned is making adjustments. First time out you'll learn a lot. But let me give you an example what I've changed through the past week.

Lowest buckle always shakes loose, figured a way to loop it tight now.

Upper arm protection lacks in my pads, bought arm pads to put underneath.

Knee pads I rig a string of tape through the top hoops to connect to my under armor goalie pants. Hard to explain, but I rigged a way for my knee pads to stay up by connecting them to a strap built in on my goalie nylon under pants.

Taped my stick different on what's comfortable.

Still don't have my leg pad straps to perfection, but getting there. For the first time I marked them all with a marker yesterday.

Today I'm going to use my suspenders to hold my pants up a inch or two. While it's not a huge problem, it's something I started to notice.

Undo all your glove and blocker straps, and re-strap to your liking with them on.

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