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10-23-2012, 09:45 AM
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Sorry for the triple post / lack of multi-quote.

But I must revisit & expound my opinion from yesterday.

Namely, that defensive talent is a higher priority to acquire than an upgrade to Fitz with a #1 pick. (I will grant that if a "sure thing" NFL HOF QB is available, then take him, but I don't think the Bills will draft that low. I don't know the quality / depth of the 2013 draft - but AFAIK, there's no P. Manning or Brees available.)

My point is four-fold:
1. Sure, Fitzpatrick can be upgraded. But even with his "masterful suckiness", the Bills offense is middle-of-the-league in YPG, and, is in fact close-enough to several of the top-6 AFC offenses in YPG to be statistically similar to AFC playoff teams. (I know it helps my argument that the NFC is much stronger than the AFC for that comparison.) Moreover, Bills offensive TOP average through 7 wks is between 29 & 30 minutes, not abysmal by any means.

2. I am no Fitz apologist, but feel the Bills offense (O-line, skill players, & Fitz) is a better package than the Rob Johnson and/or JP Losman, etc., led-squads. They are not that bad.

3. However, the Bills defense is near-bottom of the league in points and yards allowed. Bills need to give up 100 less yards per game in order to be playoff caliber. (That equates to about 10-13 ppg, which seems right - if they gave up 70 fewer points this season, they'd be middle-of-the-league, 100 fewer points would be playoff caliber). Bills give up more yards and points than defenses which average (much) more time on the field.

4. The QB doesn't play defense. I've shown from the offensive TOP and offensive PPG stats above, compared to the league, that a marginal improvement in those stats isn't going to increase the Bills playoff chances if the defense isn't fixed. Is there a cogent argument that a change in defensive scheme with the current personnel would be responsible for 100 fewer ypg allowed and 10-13 ppg allowed by the defense? Can that be accomplished by defensive scheme (alone) that easily?

Side note, different topic - It's been brought up before, but Buddy Nix and Torell Troup should be made to eat breakfast together daily, by pouring each other a bowl of Wheaties from a box with Rob Gronkowski on the cover.

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