Thread: Rosters and Ratings: NHL 13 player growth
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10-23-2012, 09:54 AM
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I've said all a long I think their are set growth patterns assigned by the computer. If you think about it logically the programmers would've been stupid to rely on NHL/AHL/Junior ice time since they can't program proper AI.

Have you seen how the CPU manages their rosters? They sign almost every single first round draft pick the first chance they get. This often results in them losing roster players and future prospects because they have too many players signed. The computer then proceeds to stick kids with OVRs in the 60-70's on their NHL team regardless of the fact that they could've been left unsigned in order to put an actual player in that spot.

In a system where prospects had to be carefully developed every single computer roster would constantly have guys that would bust. Instead we get a system where each player is assigned a randomize growth pattern as they are randomly generated. The actual roster players already in the game are already set to do whatever, and rarely people will see some fluctuation. This system gives us a horribly predictable game where I know exactly who the top prospects are to start things off. Unlike last year where I could trade for a B, B, B player only to be screwed when they dropped to B, C, C in the offseason.

Frankly I find this new potential system to be a lot worse than the old one. Under the old system it is true you could see right away what type of player they could become due to their 3 potential ratings, but it wasn't set in stone. The fact that those ratings could rise and fall provided with more realistic prospect growth. Some of the best guys came out of the top round, however, I could still occasionally pull a 2nd/1st liner out of the late stages of the draft if their potential shot up to A-'s.

This year anyone outside of the top 60 is pretty much destined for a fringe NHL career.

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