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10-23-2012, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Til the End of Time View Post
of course i bring the economic realities into this. you were the one that said you cannot support the owners because of your "morals" and "ethics" because as you explained, the players were unfairly treated in the last cba and would continue to receive a raw deal with this latest offering by bettman and co.

and it has been my point that the vast majority of fans do not care about the "fairness" of the cba, particularly in light of the financial struggles faced by the average worker. with regards to the players and owners, i do not care which side screws the other side. you are the one that brought your morals and ethics into this debate, to which i say (as do most fans), we dont care.

i'm not sure what your point is about this money not going to the poor. i never suggested anything remotely about that, just that your pity party for the players won't resonate with many folks.

if your best argument in favor of the nhlpa is that they got screwed last time and that bettman is an evil liar, then you will not be bringing many folks to your side. life isnt fair.

i genuinely dont know if you are purposely are being obstinate or misread what i said. i said that the PR battle is of "some importance" and "would not make or break a deal." at not point did i explicitly say or even remotely imply that the previous lockout ended due to public pressure or that this lockout would end due to the fans.

tell me, if the players weren't trying to garner sympathy, what then was the point of this video? its quite apparent to me.

Good post, that's pretty much how I see it. I'm so sick of the players acting like they have trouble to feed their familiy. Obvisouly it can't be that bad because they rather earn nothing at all then a couple % less. And yes, life is unfair, deal with it, you won't be playing until you accept that fact.

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