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10-23-2012, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by glenn77 View Post
Dude you rock!
I am 35 and just took up the torch of being between the pipes! Yeah I stink but having a ton of fun so who cares?!

Ques for you and its a carry-over from my original post section re: knee pads vs thigh-guards: if you just use knee pads aren't your thigh's exposed if U go down to your knees?

Here is a pic of back of one of my pads with the thigh-guard.

Well no, if your pants/breezers are the right size, the knee pads fit perfect right underneath them. I know the Passau's are a little spendy but they are great. Here you can see the coverage in multiple pics.

I'm selling my old Bauer ones. I used them just a couple times. They just aren't for me, but maybe they are for you.

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