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10-23-2012, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by is the answer jesus View Post
Sanchez sucks, he's had some weapons in past seasons and has disappointed. I wouldn't want him anywhere near my team. Ponder, Weeden, Locker, Gabbert and even Freeman are all pretty mediocre options imo. Not to say I wouldn't want take one to at least have a young qb in the mix. Agreed on Stafford though he's legit and will be a good qb for a long time.
Looking at that list It's really a mixed bag. Ryan, Stafford, Luck, and Rg3 All look like franchise qb's. Guys like Bradford, Flacco, and Newton will probably be above average starters in their careers(although Flacco is slipping a bit in my eyes and I've never been high on Newton). Of the rest, most just don't have a large enough of a sample size to make a permanent judgement on yet, although most seem pretty blah to me (probably because most were the leftover qb's drafted later in the 1st after the elite talent was already taken). So in summary I'd say I'd lean heavily towards using that first pick on a qb. If it looks unlikely that one of the top qb's will make it to us they need to get aggressive like the redskins did this year. It's the most important position in football and we've disregarded it year in and year out or taken the leftovers in the draft like Losman or Edwards.
Yep. And there's no telling that some of those mixed bag QBs would make a big difference, even if they are an upgrade--maybe they get 1 or 2 more wins than Fitz...but it wouldn't make us contenders.

I say this: figure out which QBs you think will be top franchise guys, trade up for them (or hope one falls to you). Don't just draft a QB for the sake of drafting a QB...if the pick comes around and none of those guys look to be the elite level, look elsewhere. Plenty of holes to be filled.

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