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10-23-2012, 10:54 AM
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Originally opposted by Artemis:
Like anything else, twitter and other social media are tools. Just as the telegraph was a tool, and the telephone, teletype and so on. I wonder if any 19th century journalists railed against the telegraph?

A good journalist uses whatever tool is available to do his or her job. The one thing social media has done is make that tool available to everyone, but what's wrong with that? Quality will still be the watchword. I read someone like Bob McKenzie because he's good at his job; I ignore bozos like hockeyyyinsiderrrr because he's a moron. The medium makes no difference.

If Dupont or any other "mainstream" journalists have trouble with bloggers, perhaps they should stop expecting their readers to pay attention to them because they're dishing up what's served to them by the NHL clubs they cover, and get out there and bust their tails, the way guys like Kirk or Bob Mand are doing. Tell me how the Bruins prospects are doing. What's going on with Providence? Tell me what guys like Danny Paille are up to. How is Dougie Hamilton dealing with the lockout?

If Dupont wants to write interesting stuff about the Bruins, I'll read it. If he wants to rant about bloggers, sneer at fans, and dump on Bruins players, as he's done for the past few years, I'll pass.
Well put. If KPD did half the work the Globe's football and baseball reporters do, he might be worth reading, though his underlying contempt for hockey probably still would show through.
For years I have been wishing he would take a buyout.
I'm glad to see a comparative absence of the usual accolades here about his HOF creds, his vast knowledge of the sport, etc. The myth of this bitter, overrated writer appears to be finally punctured.

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