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10-23-2012, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by glenn77 View Post
Dude you rock!
I am 35 and just took up the torch of being between the pipes! Yeah I stink but having a ton of fun so who cares?!

Ques for you and its a carry-over from my original post section re: knee pads vs thigh-guards: if you just use knee pads aren't your thigh's exposed if U go down to your knees?

Here is a pic of back of one of my pads with the thigh-guard.

PAW kneepads cover both knees and lower thighs. They are very comfortable and protective at half the price of the Passau's.

Maltese will be releasing gel knee pads in the near future, not sure of the price yet though. is offline   Reply With Quote