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10-23-2012, 11:09 AM
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Our last thread got full, so lets carry on in this one please! (If someone with the necessary powers could post a link in there to here that'd be great!)

For reference, the last thread in there was this:

As per ogres last post I'll be operating as commissioner for the foreseeable future due to his increased commitments to his new job etc (pfffft real world :p )

I shall be forwarding the league on Monday and Friday mornings UK GMT, so effectively very late Sunday/Thursday nights for you folks in the US, so you shouldn't notice a change. It just happens that I am free on Monday and Friday mornings as far as my university timetable goes so should be able to do it with a good level of reliability. I think that using Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for arranging and playing user vs user games, and then Thursday for CPUing what's left would work well?

Something ogre mentioned was removing inactive players from the league. How would people feel about this? My own experience is that there are a few teams who I don't think are particularly active anymore (Anaheim, phili, Toronto, for example - apologies if I'm wrong here, just some quick names off the top of my head) and that the league would be much better for having fewer, more active members, to increase the competitions and rivalries between the remaining teams.

My first thought was to undergo a kind of 'mid season rollcall' to determine who is still involved, and remove anyone who doesn't reply in say the next week one 2. Alternatively, I could say that if you find someone doesn't ever respond to PMs, psn messages, add requests etc then let me know, and if it seems that this person is never playing there games then I can kick them.

Or I can leave it as is and you can tell me to shut up!

Final point, the end of this block is the trade deadline, so I will leave it open till Sunday night, and we will progress as normal from there. This should hopefully encourage you to make some blockbusters! Speaking of which, I am STILL shopping lecavalier.....?

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