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10-23-2012, 11:28 AM
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hortons health question makes him a possibility for the islanders. will they get any other quality player to agree to a deal with them now? horton might be very afraid to let it get to ufa without a contract.
The isles already have significant payroll tied up a player, with lingering health issues (DiPietro $4.5m per). I can't see the budget concious isles offering a sizeable contract for Horton, then praying the concussion issues are behind him.

and even if he doesnt sign... vishnovsky was an ufa too. so its one year of a dman for one year of a big forward.
Isles added Vis because they wanted increase scoring from their blueline. Vis' health is not a question mark and although he does not sound like he's doing cartwheels over coming to LI, he and his agent have indicated that he'll honor the last yr of his nhl deal. I doubt Vis signs an extension. I see him as a stopgap.

as for Ference... I think hed be fine signing a retirement contract with a team like the islanders. He isnt going to break the bank. Islanders have tons of talented kids but they all fail without leadership to build around.

If the isles want Ference and the B's don't extend him, then he'll be a ufa in 2013. I'd rather have Snow make his ufa offer at that point.

Visnovsky doesnt really scream leadership or winning experience. Horton/Ference have just won a cup. Horton is young enough that he could be part of the Islanders for the next decade if they kept resigning him.
Again, no interest in moving Bailey for impending ufas, especially during a lockout. Makes no sense imo.

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