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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
Markham is inherintely the better option. Two big reasons, one, Markham only has to go through one team, one that likely relinquished territorial rights for a certain time period. Secondly, it leaves the Western goldenhorse shoe region open for the next wave of expansion, a team in Hamilton would all but crush any chance of that.

There's plenty of other reasons as well, Markham will draw better from the GTA than Hamilton, GTA is big enough to get another team.

I'd like to see GTA get a team now, Waterloo Region/London in 25-30 years, Hamilton would be in the centre of 4 teams then (Currently Buffalo/Leafs, hopefully another one in the GTA and another in SW Ontario.
WHAT you are kidding right Markham a better location for NHL. team than Hamilton please Markham would not just have to go through one team they have to through MLSE. which owns just not the leafs but the raptors & marlies as well & thoses 2 teams right now are struggling at the gate & a NHL. team in Markham would hurt thoses teams & thats why MLSE. will do anything to make sure Markham (TO2) never gets an NHL. team if that arena get bulit & if that means supporting an NHL. team in Hamilton so be it . 2nd saying that an NHL. team in Markham would draw better than Hamilton is is completely false because NHL. team Hamilton would not just draw from the Hamilton area but southwestern Ontario , Niagara Region & even some parts of the GTA. which totals out be 8 million people which makes Hamilton the largest unserved NHL. market in North America not Markham .

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