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10-23-2012, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
I wrote him off due to playing such limited number of games during the prime development years of his career vs his competition. BB is already 20yo.

If you don't think Kuznetzov will eventually be an NHL allstar (or similar caliber) after scoring .8 ppg as a 20yo in the KHL, then I don't know what to tell you. He has already played 128 KHL games vs BB's 4 AHL games to date.

Just compare his KHL production to known NHL players. Would anyone think that BB could score at a higher rate than Malkin in any league? Kunetzov is currently.

TK (at age 20) was already in his 2nd AHL season and averaged almost 1ppg there. BB will be lucky to even reach TK's level. You must wrap your head around how far behind he is in games played at his age vs other players. He won't catch up until after his prime (if he ever does).

The hindsight argument is a great one that you guys use. It's not like anyone evaluated the BB pick at that time and didn't have a big ?WTF? in their head. (I know I sure did). When we constantly question the draft selections and the results are generally disappointment, then doesn't that mean that the amateur consensus is more accurate than the "professional's"?

I suspect the Radulov incident has caused RS to completely ignore most European talent at the draft.
This board constantly questions every pick that isn't a skill forward. I'm not saying we couldn't make that a higher priority (I think we should), but it's not the right answer every time.

The amateur consensus here wanted Ferraro over Despres, Puempel over Morrow, and anyone over Harrington. The organization certainly doesn't look "generally disappointing" there. But we conveniently forget those picks when they look good in hindsight.

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