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10-23-2012, 12:42 PM
Joe McGrath
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Originally Posted by caniac247 View Post
First time chiming in on this BS.

I'm not on either side, but the players are more on my **** list at the moment.

They have yet to give anything. They just want want want like spoiled rich brats. Atleast the owners have changed their proposal.

When the league made that last proposal, it seemed so easy for the Players to take that proposal and tweak. Negotiate off that proposal. But what do the asshats do, make 4 proposals that make them look like they are all on crack.

Also whatever happened to the "I don't play the game for money, I play the game because I love it." REALLY!!!!!!!

And so glad the players finally **** on twitter. I was seriously going to hurt every single one of them when they went on their tweet tangents after thei ridiculous proposals.
Neither side is going about this properly, so lets get that piece out of the way first.

The players haven't "given" anything but the owners haven't either. They moved off their original proposal which really really really screwed the players to a new offer that only really screws the players. The owners current proposal reduces salaries, increases the age for free agency, and limits contract lengths. The only thing that the players "get" is an appeals process for suspension that doesn't end with Bettman.

What the players should be doing is working off the owners proposal, because it is after all, their league. Coming up with their own half baked ideas on how the owners should disburse their money isn't going to happen while Jeremy Jacobs has anything to say about it. A more gradual decline to 50/50 and relaxing the FA rules they are trying to pass should be the goal here. I'm not sure the players see it that way though.

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