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10-23-2012, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by cupfailure713 View Post
The kicker here is that our league rules clearly state that you are not allowed to play two levels below the highest level played. Example, if you play B-league, you are allowed to play C-league, but not D-league. This league coordinators of the past would just ignore it when brought to their attention.
Same here, except the rule only applies to playoffs. In the regular season itís the wild west, but they really tighten up the rules when it counts. We got disqualified because we got to the finals with one player who had played some senior (which is fair because in level D he is about as valuable to us as Bobby Orr was to Boston)

All you have to do is challenge and if youíre right they wonít turn the other cheek.

That, unfortunately, doesnít address my concerns of A/B level players who play the whole regular season, either for or against me. It makes the game much less enjoyable.

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