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10-23-2012, 01:34 PM
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Dollars are dollars. The cap is just a word. Even if your "cap" is placed at 50 million dollars but you're spending 70 million in salaries because that's what you signed on for, the split is 57% for atleast year one IF the owners honor the contracts. No matter what fancy accounting you do, you still have to accept a 57% split in year one to honour contracts. Unless players are being bought out. You could backload a contract or extend the years, but that's not what player's signed.

That's why a soft landing makes sense. Players get their contracts honoured, owners get a 50/50, and everyone's happy.

As far as the team's that need immediate cap (salary) relief, that's a problem of the overall system. The rich teams need to start sharing with the poor ones.

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