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10-23-2012, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Some more things for BaGM:

- Fix board play. It's total garbage. A guy shouldn't be able to reach out and pin me against the boards when I'm going full speed. Especially if the player with the puck is 6'4 and the other guy is 5'9.

- Better indication of who is AHL eligible and who isn't when I'm dealing with contracts. If it's there, I'm missing it completely. I see it during the year, but not during the re-sign period.

- ECHL team. When you get further into a BaGM, it's a pain in the ass to try and fit every 20+ year old prospect you have onto the roster. Especially when the AI automatically adds minor leaguers. It'd be nice to be able to send some of the future 3rd liners down to the ECHL.

- Make the stick a physical object, instead of something that can regularly pass through the bodies of people.

- Balance out the AI. It's absurd how easily the CPU can knock me off the puck, while it's a miracle if I can do the same, even with the sliders maxed out in either direction. Same applies for how fast defenders can skate backwards and recover. A guy who is 6'9 and is 79 overall with a speed of 78 shouldn't be able to skate backwards as fast as Carl Hagelin can skate forward. Especially if he's caught flat footed.

- Allow me to outright reject trades so they don't keep popping up. I don't care how many times Winnipeg offers me Ron Hainsey for some combination of 1st rounders or top prospects. I don't want him.

- More strategy options. Being able to pick between different attack types for the PP is nice, but when the AI sticks Brad Richards in front of the net instead of Ryan Callahan, it's rather pointless.

- Re-do the physics engine. You duffed it the first time. Just admit that and rework it.
I agree completely. I've lost games because when the stick goes through me, the puck goes with it.

As for the PP thing, its awful, the LW and RW seem to interchange between fighting in front of the net while the center is off in lala-land.

I love getting the same trades over and over again and having my reputation dropped because I won't give up my offensive defenseman for a 2nd.

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