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10-23-2012, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by HardcoreHab View Post
My two biggest issues year in and year out:
  • Stats. More in game stats. The stats tracking is WAY too simple.
    1. In HUT mode, I would like an option to see all stats for all players I've used. I don't want to know how many goals he got for another user. I want to know how he's played for me. I want to compare him to guys in and out of my lineup. So, I want to see all guys in my collection and not just the guys on current roster.
    2. In Be a GM, historical stats for players. Not just the past few seasons or whatever. But a detailed list of stats so when I sim a dynasty, I actually have true stats to analyze and examine.
  • Penalty killing. For years, the powerplay has been so poorly programmed into the game that short-handed goals come in bunches.

Also, while somewhat cosmetic, I'd love to hear the play by play and commentary re-worked. Adding the KHL and NCAA would be cool and appreciated, but it's not necessary.
Heh, not any more...I've had 2-on-0's stopped by unrealistic goalie saves or the defender 10 feet behind, diving 20 feet to get his stick on the puck.

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