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Originally Posted by leeaf83 View Post
I've studied brain lateralization so i'll give you a little bit of math

Roughly one third of people would naturally hold a hockey stick with their dominant hand on the bottom, the other two thirds hold their dominant hand on top. Roughly 1 in every 11 people are left handed.

So the natural odds would be as follows (1% margiin of error):
3% of people would throw left and shoot left
6% of people would throw left and shoot right
30% of people would throw right and shoot right
60% of people would throw right and shoot left

so 63% of people would naturally shoot right-handed in hockey.

But consider the following; when a hockey player holds a stick in one hand, it would be their top hand; so this puts someone who shoots on their dominant side as a disadvantage because they are holding the stick in their non-dominant hand. Since defenseman are skating backwards more often, they are required to hold the stick in one hand more often hence why the percentage of right shooting defensemen are lower than left shooting forwards.

It is also harder to play defense than forward on one's 'off-side' For instance a left shooting defenseman has an easier time playing the left side; it's easier to clear the puck up that side and they can make and accept most of their passes naturally on the forehand. Put them on the right side and the forehand passes are more awkard forcing them to make more backhands. It's also harder for them to keep the puck in along the boards in the attacking zone.
This is an excellent point that I have never thought about. I'll make it a point to pay attention to which side they're holding their stick now. Would it be accurate to assume that most teams would place a left handed Dman at LD on 5x5, but place a right-handed Dman at LD when on the PP??

This should help in NHL 13 lol

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