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Originally Posted by Reverend Mayhem View Post
How does everyone feel about the 48-hour period NHL gave the PA to talk to GM's and owners? And they didn't even know...for shame NHL.
The players didn't know likely because for the NHL to extend an offer to talk outside of using the PA governing body wouldn't be perceived as anything but an end run around the leadership promoted by the league. Something that is not allowed in negotiations and is not good for potential future court proceedings.

The only thing they could really do is say "if the player contacts you about clarification on the offer you can provide that clarification but you can NOT talk about potential alternative offers or gives/takes, starting a new union, ditching the union head etc." The hope is the same...players that contact the team then talk to teammates etc. But they couldn't advertise it.

Well except now they have cleverly advertised such a thing might be available to the players in a wholly legal way. Now if players have questions and enough GMs/owners tell the league they have players calling a second window could be provided. I'm sure the PA will have moles during such a window so the memo and letter takes the league entity off the hook in case something else is said and allows the league to levy a serious fine if it does. But the message gets out.

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