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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
(Safe to assume you're not a female, but this conversation sparked the thought)

Tattoos on females is a major turnoff for me, I don't know why. Maybe it's from my brainwashed youth growing up Jewish and how you're not supposed to have piercings or tattoos.

And I'm not just talking "lower back tattoos" or other blatantly obvious markings. I'm talking like, even something small on the ankle or the shoulder blade would just instantly turn me off from pursuing said female.

I think I'm part of a minority here though, a lot of guys that I know like tattoos on females, or simply just don't care either way. I'm one of the few people I know that are pretty adamant about it being a complete turn off.
It honestly kinda depends, for the most part I'm not the biggest fan of tattoo's but ones that you want to serve as reminders for something important or a strong sense of symbolism I understand and really like most of the time.

However, lower back tattoo's and other tattoo's that girls will get (although usually sexy in your young 20's) I just laugh at and think are kinda silly. I have an ex who had the japanese word for "dream" on her waist line right near the sex muscle. I liked it an all but I definitely thought she was dumb as hell (she wasn't the brightest) for getting it haha

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