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10-23-2012, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by zzoo View Post
That's what I wonder too. Why is Collberg in SEL by the way ?
Because in 2010-11 he dominated the Under 20 Swedish league as a 16-17 year old:

35 GP, 21-23-44, 12 PIM

To compare, that's the league Nystrom is playing in a very old 18 year old (turns 19 next week).

The next level after that is the SEL or where Collberg now is, the Allsvenskan. But teams don't have a team in the SEL and a team in the Allsvenskan. Collberg signed with Frolunda at a very young age, a team in SEL that has maintained its spot in the SEL due to team performance. So it was the SEL...or staying in a league he dominated already. Those were their options.

Frolunda most likely felt he had nothing left to learn in that Under 20 league, so they played him a few minutes a game in the SEL as the coach has a hard on for veterans. Which is no way to develop a skilled forward, so he gets this loan to a team that will play him a ton in a league that is somewhat close to the SEL in terms of caliber. It's a FAR better outcome than returning to play at a level he dominated two years ago.

Originally Posted by zzoo View Post
If he has struggled terribly in SEL, that means he's still very very far from NHL.
Anyone who thought Collberg was a year away from playing in the NHL was kidding themselves. He was always 2-4 years away.

And oh the horror, a skinny 18 year old struggled to produce offensively in minimal minutes in one of the better leagues in the world. Give me a break with trying to paint this into some horrible indication of his NHL future. Collberg has always been an excellent performer against his age group, which is what really matters at this stage.

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